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Over the years contacts have been kept up with the crew of the ship - although members of the crew are soon promoted to other ships. Contact is sporadic because the ship is usually on service or exercises. The ship was based in the Gulf during the Gulf War. Contact is normally made whenever the ship docks at Grimsby. In 2003 some crew members attended the Remembrance Sunday Service in Belper. The most recent visit to the ship was by some members of Belper Town Council to Grimsby on 2nd November 2007.


The above picture was taken during a visit to Grimsby on 23rd September 2005.  It shows the then Commanding Officer of HMS Brocklesby, Lieutenant Commander Andrew Woollven, pictured with Belper's Mayor at the time, Councillor Colin England, and Deputy Mayor, Councillor Mick Nelson.  To see a full screen version 'click' on the small picture.

For more information on HMS Brocklesby visit the Royal Navy Site

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