Belper Neighbourhood Plan

The Localism Act 2011 was passed to encourage decisions to be made by local people instead of everything being decided by remote Borough or District Councils. The Act introduced Community Rights and Neighbourhood Planning.

In April 2014, Belper Town Council decided Belper should have its own Neighbourhood Plan covering the whole of the Civil Parish of Belper. This includes Belper, Belper Lane End, Milford, Makeney, Broadholme, Blackbrook, Farnah Green etc.

Much of the Parish is within the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site and this will have a significant impact on the Plan.

The first Reg 14 public consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Plan version 9 was completed on 3 May 2019. Substantive amendments were made as a result of that consultation which are shown in Appendix E. An update to the Strategic Environmental Assessment has also been undertaken and is included in the documents below.


The structure of the draft report has been simplified and repetition reduced.

Policies 1/10/13/14 have been strengthened to include new details responding to Climate Change.

Policy 15 Expanding Tourism is a new policy.

Pre-application community involvement has been changed from a policy to a key principle.

A new aspirational policy has been added to create a Masterplan for Belper.

There are now 25 policies, an increase of 2.


The underlying principle of the NP i.e that Brownfield sites in the town should be promoted for development in preference to Greenfield sites.

The 6 sites previously nominated remain appropriate and viable.


The Public Consultation runs from Monday 14 October 2019 until 26 November 2019

Many organisations and community groups will be contacted directly asking them to complete the questionnaire for their comments.

We will be holding one public meeting:-

Date - 30 October 2019

Time - 7.00pm

Location - No.28, Market Place, Belper

Hard copies of the draft Document and the questionnaire will be available at Belper Library and the Town Council office [please ring first, 01773 822116].

Responding to the Consultation

Please click on this link - This link will not be live until Monday 14 October 2019.

Anyone who would like help to complete the online form please contact us by email; or come to the public meeting.

If you wish to make detailed comments you can email

The Plan has received funding from Locality, the Town Council and the Big Lottery Fund.

The Draft Neighbourhood Plan Version 13 Document

The Town Council approved the second pre-submission draft Neighbourhood Plan on 8 October 2019. This Draft version 13 is available below. The additional documents are found at the end of Related Documents.

Related Documents

Please follow the links for related documents.

Housing Needs Assessment 2016


DVMWHS Management Plan

Belper Heritage and Character Assessment 2016

Site Assessment Report 2017

Site Viability Modelling 2018

AVBC SEA Screening determination 2018

Strategic Environmental Assessment Version 1 March 2019

Non Technical Strategic Environmental Assessment Version 1 March 2019

Additional documents for second Reg 14

Strategic Environmental Assessment Version 2 (Update) October 2019

Non Technical Strategic Environmental Assessment Version 2 (Update) October 2019

Appendix E Public Consultation

Built Environment Map

Update letter regarding HNA Report

Membership of the Working Group

The Working Group is made up of 4 Belper Town Councillors and 9 members of the public. Members of the Working Group have been allocated the following roles-

Working Group Officers


Cllr Katie Harris

Vice Chair and Finance Officer

Cllr John Porter

Minutes Secretary

Wendy Mitchall

Plan Editor

Christine Blake

Working Group Facilitators

Cllr Richard Cannon

Cllr Mary Dwyer

Roger Shelley

John Morrissey

Paul Terry

Tim Sutton

Pete Hurst

Liz Page


The Neighbourhood Working Group meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm. Up coming meetings can be viewed here.

Members of the public are invited to attend the Working Group Meetings, and can speak if they wish. Please view the Town Council's public speaking guidelines

Agenda and Minutes of the Working Group

Agendas - Agendas are published three working days before the meeting and can be found here.

Minutes - The approved Minutes of the Meetings can be found here.


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Neighbourhood Plan Photographs

Sarah Longdon - winner of the NP photograph competition

Sarah Longdon

Alex Newton

Frank Smith

Frank Smith

Joy Meakin

Joy Meakin

Joy Meakin

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Marcus Chalkin

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