Belper Neighbourhood Plan

The Localism Act 2011 was passed to encourage decisions to be made by local people instead of everything being decided by remote Borough or District Councils. The Act introduced Community Rights and Neighbourhood Planning.

In April 2014, Belper Town Council decided Belper should have its own Neighbourhood Plan covering the whole of the Civil Parish of Belper. This includes Belper, Belper Lane End, Milford, Makeney, Broadholme, Blackbrook, Farnah Green etc.

After extensive consultation drafting and review the submission Neighbourhood Plan document and all the documents below were submitted to Amber Valley Borough Council on 28 January 2020.

The Borough will now prepare another consultation and find a inspector to take forward the next part of the process.

The Town Council will continue to work with Amber Valley Borough Council to support them in moving this finally to a referendum. We will keep updating this page with more information.

The Plan has received funding from Locality, the Town Council and the Big Lottery Fund.

Examiners Final Decision and supporting documents

The examination of the Belper Neighbourhood Plan was completed on 13 November 2020 and the examination report was issued to Belper Town Council and Amber Valley Borough Council.

  • Examiners Final Decision and Appendix A (PDF, 487 Kb)

    Belper Neighbourhood Plan report of the Independent Examiner including Appendix A - Abbreviations used in the report

  • Appendix B (PDF, 6.5 Mb)

    Appendix B - Additional text and/or replacement plans recommended to be included in the plan

  • Appendix C (PDF, 334 Kb)

    Appendix C - Examiner's questions for clarification

  • Appendix D (PDF, 25.6 Mb)

    Appendix D - Responses by Belper Town Council to the examiner's questions

  • Examiner's confirmation (PDF, 1 Kb)

    The Examiner has confirmed that a public hearing will not be required.

    Mr John Mattocks BSc DipTP MRTPI FRGS has been appointed to undertake the examination of the Neighbourhood Plan for Belper.

The Submission - Neighbourhood Plan

The additional documents are found at the end of Related Documents.

Related Documents

Please follow the links for related documents.

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment and related appendix below:

Secretary Of State Appeal Decisions In Belper

Bullsmoor - Appeal Ref APP/M1005/W/17/3183493 Decision Date: 11th October 2018

Belper Lane- Appeal Ref APP/M1005/W/17/3188009. Decision Date: 29th July 2020

Crich Lane - Appeal Ref APP/M1005/W/18/3204843. Decision Date: 29th July 2020

Housing Needs Assessment 2016


DVMWHS Management Plan

Belper Heritage and Character Assessment 2016

Site Assessment Report 2017

Site Viability Modelling 2018

AVBC SEA Screening determination 2018

Strategic Environmental Assessment Version 1 March 2019

Non Technical Strategic Environmental Assessment Version 1 March 2019

Lowlands Derbyshire Biodiversity Action Plan

Additional documents for second Reg 14

Strategic Environmental Assessment Version 2 (Update) October 2019

Non Technical Strategic Environmental Assessment Version 2 (Update) October 2019

Appendix E Public Consultation

Built Environment Map

Update letter regarding HNA Report

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Membership of the Working Group

The Working Group is made up of 4 Belper Town Councillors and 9 members of the public. Members of the Working Group have been allocated the following roles-

Working Group Officers


Cllr Katie Harris

Vice Chair and Finance Officer

Cllr John Porter

Minutes Secretary

Wendy Mitchall

Plan Editor

Christine Blake

Working Group Facilitators

Cllr Richard Cannon

Cllr Mary Dwyer

Roger Shelley

John Morrissey

Paul Terry

Tim Sutton

Pete Hurst

Liz Page


The Neighbourhood Working Group meetings are suspended as the Neighbourhood Plan has been submitted to Amber Valley Borough Council.

Notice will be given for any future meetings required.

Agenda and Minutes of the Working Group

Agendas - Agendas are published three working days before the meeting and can be found here.

Minutes - The approved Minutes of the Meetings can be found here.


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Neighbourhood Plan Photographs

Sarah Longdon - winner of the NP photograph competition

Sarah Longdon

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Frank Smith

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Joy Meakin

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Marcus Chalkin

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