Council Grants

The Town Council budgets a set amount each financial year to give as grant aid in support of local initiatives.

The maximum amount of Grant Aid to any one organisation or project is £1,000. Exceptionally the Council will consider applications for funding of more than £1,000. Such applications should be submitted prior to 1st October in the year prior to which funding is required, in order to be considered in the Council’s annual budget (for funding for 2023/24 this has been extended to 31st October 2022).

The Council’s Clerk has delegated power to review applications, request further information, give advice and refuse applications that do not meet the Grant Aid criteria. The Clerk will refer applications to the Council’s Full Council meetings on a monthly basis for decision. Applicants will be notified of the date and time of the meeting and be given an opportunity to address the meeting on the application. The decision will normally be made known to the Applicant in writing within seven days.

Grants will only be considered for projects and proposals which will enhance the quality of life of the people served by the Town Council. Applications from bodies outside the town boundaries may be granted where the proposals show a distinct benefit to the residents of the town.

Grants will normally only be considered for new / start up organisations and/or projects and/or one off events that meet one or more of the following criteria: The organisation/project or event.

  • Goes some way to filling in gaps in existing provision
  • Is innovative and exciting
  • Considers the needs of disadvantaged individuals and groups
  • Takes positive steps to promote a healthy environment
  • Promotes equality of opportunity and access for all

Grants will be considered for organisations/projects and events that can either show match funding is available, either through own resources or other grants and that the organisation/project/event is viable without further recourse to Council funding.

The Council will not normally:

  • Fund general running costs of organisations
  • Support applications from organisations which then go on to
  • Make donations to other charities and groups
  • Give more than one grant in any one year to the same organisation
  • Give a grant to an organisation that receives an annual grant from the Council

Grants Awarded in 2023/24

The Council were pleased to award annual grants to assist the following organisations in the valuable work they do:

  • Belper Early Years
  • Belper Leisure Centre
  • Belper Youth Sports Festival
  • Blend Youth Project (Valley CIDS)
  • Derbyshire Community Transport
  • Derbyshire Districts Citizens Advice
  • Hope for Belper
  • Fleet Arts

Some of the organisations who have benefitted from small grants this year are:

  • Belper Historic Society
  • Belper Railway Station Gardening Volunteers
  • Dormouse Books
  • Unite – Better Together
  • Unite – Happy Mondays

Applying For a Grant

To apply for a Grant from Belper Town Council, please complete the relevant Application Form and return it, along with any supporting documents requested, to the Town Clerk – clerk@belpertowncouncil.gov.uk or by post to the Council’s Office, St John’s Chapel, The Butts, Belper, DE56 1HX.

Small Grants

Applications for Small Grants are welcomed throughout the year and, on receipt, will be submitted to the next Council meeting for consideration.

Annual Grants

Applications for a 2024/25 Annual Grant (Service Level Agreement) must be submitted for consideration by 2nd October 2023.

Grant Application Documents

These files may not be suitable for users of assistive technology and are in the following formats: .pdf. Request an accessible format.

Non Monetary Assistance

The Town Council also gives non monetary assistance to voluntary organisations and groups. The Council loans out equipment/market stalls/prints posters and other literature and occasionally gives staff support.

Any organisation wishing to use Council equipment and / or staff time must make a request in writing giving as much detail about the equipment required, what it will be used for, the dates of use, why the equipment cannot be provided by the organisation and the community benefit.

Requests should be sent to the Town Clerk, Belper Town Council, The Butts, Belper, Derbyshire DE56 1HX and emailed to clerk@belpertowncouncil.gov.uk.

The Council’s Clerk has delegated power to review requests, request further information, give advice and accept/refuse requests that do not meet the criteria

Requests will only be considered for projects and proposals which will enhance the quality of life of the people served by the Town Council.

The Organisation will be required to insure the equipment loaned and collect and return the equipment.

All successful requests MUST recognise Belper Town Council’s assistance at the event or in their literature and publicity using the wording “Supported by Belper Town Council” together with the Town Council’s logo.

Herbert Strutt Charity

The Herbert Strutt Charity is administered by Belper Town Council and offers Grants to individuals and organisations, maximum amount £500.

Find out more about the Herbert Strutt Charity