Serving the people of Belper

Since 2 April 2018, Belper Town Council has administered and managed the Charity through the Herbert Strutt Charity Committee.

The Council annually appoints 6 Councillors to the Committee at its Annual General Meeting. The Committee meets up to 4 times a year to consider distributions of income. The Committee may, in addition, meet on an urgent basis to consider an urgent distribution.

The Town Clerk can give advice regarding the Charity, promote the Charity, assist individuals with Grant Applications, arrange meetings of the Committee and assess the Urgency or otherwise of Grant applications.

As at 2 April 2018 the Funds held on behalf of the Charity amount to £99,653.43 (Capital) and £792.09 income for distribution.

The Council can deduct any costs, charges and expenses of and incidental to the management of the Charity from the income from the investment of the Funds (The Net Income). The Net Income shall be distributed by the Committee in accordance with the Grant Conditions and the charitable purposes of the Charity namely that

The distributions shall be for the General Benefit of the Inhabitants of Belper Parish in the following ways

  • The relief of the aged, impotent and poor
  • The relief of distress and sickness
  • The provision and support of facilities for recreation and leisure time occupation
  • The provision and support of educational facilities
  • In such other ways as the Trustee thinks fit

Applications are welcomed by the Committee. An application form can be completed on your behalf by any of the recognised third party organisations listed below

  • Derbyshire Unemployed Workers Centre Colin Hampton
  • All Belper Schools
  • Hope for Belper Food Bank Hope for Belper
  • AVBC
  • DCC including social services

The deed of the charity can be seen below.

Herbert Strutt Charity


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