Serving the people of Belper

Youth Council

The Youth Council was set up by the Council in 2019. The Youth Council comprises of 16 youth members from surrounding schools and youth organisations in the Parish. The purpose of the Youth Council is to give the local youth a voice so that the Council has a better understanding of their needs. The Youth Council meets every two weeks apart from August throughout the year

The monthly Council meetings are designed to:

  • be a voice for, and promote the rights of young people
  • discuss issues affecting young people that have arisen from full council
  • plan and deliver relevant projects
  • address any issues that are of concern to the young people of Belper
  • improve the status of young people through communication, engagement and representation
  • consider the needs of young people from all backgrounds regardless of sex, race, creed, gender, religion or social group
  • support town activities that are relevant to young people
  • liaise with other youth organisations and groups

Last updated: Sun, 04 Apr 2021 20:24