Town Council's Response to the Closure of Babington Hospital

The Town Council thanks the Joined Up in Belper Team for presenting to Full Council meeting on 13 March 2018.

The Town Council has considered the presentation, the Team's answers to questions put, the concerns raised by the members of the public at the Meeting and the documents circulated with the consultation.

The Town Council's view on the Consultation is as follows –
• It supports the commitment to continuing to provide the current services provided at Babington in the proposed new facility (save for the Nursing Beds)
• It acknowledges that Babington is not fit for purpose and supports the need for a purpose built facility

• It is concerned over the loss of the nursing beds and requests that this be reconsidered
• It is concerned regarding the closure of Babington and the building's fate. As rightly identified in the consultation documentation – Babington is an iconic building in the Town and the Council is concerned that closure and the moving of the facility will result in the building falling into disrepair – as we have seen with other iconic buildings in the Town – notably East and North Mill. The Council wonders whether any work has been done to see whether the new facility be accommodated on the current site.

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