Notes on the meeting about Belper’s Environment 4 July 2019 at Strutts Community Centre

This was a meeting open to all people and groups who are working on
improving the environment in Belper. The following are the thoughts
and suggestions from the evening.
After introductions, Anne and Howard Clarke explained that they
have a Belper Beats Plastic Facebook page and asked people to 'like'
and 'share' their page and add ideas. They have set up a recycling
centre in St. Peter's for things that can't be recycled in household
recycling. This includes crisp packets, biscuit wrappers, toothpaste
tubes and brushes and bottle tops. Anne explained that there are
other things that can be recycled such as pens and animal food
pouches, but these would need to be collected in Belper and then
taken to the centre (eg schools in Derby), that are collecting them.
Terracycle is the instigator of these recycling set ups. Kendal
Greaves is trying to set up a KP recycling place in Belper. It was
suggested that we need a building to sort recycling in Belper, eg the
ground floor of the Mill?
Old IT can be taken to a site in Pride Park and Apple accept old IT
if buying from them.
It was suggested that all information regarding recycling in Belper
should be put on the BTC website as well as alternatives to plastic
items. A website-desktop version can work like an app. If there was
a recycling section, people could find out where to recycle a number
of items that it is difficult to recycle at present. The collection of
recycling of such items needs to be coordinated. Pubs could be
asked to keep their crisp and nut packets, which could then be
collected and sent off en mass.
'On-line sites' eg Plastic Freedom, Belper people and shops who are
promoting recycling should be posted on BTC site and BTC should
work with 'Love Belper', asking them to promote Plastic Free goods.
An Environmental champion's award could be given to places in
Belper that are promoting recycling and Plastic Free. This good
practice could be shared across the parishes in AVBC.
Tetrapaks are recycled by Transition Belper, but when recycling we
all need to clean and flatten the containers ourselves, so that they
can be sorted and sent off for recycling easily. It was suggested
that BTC put instructions on the Town council site, about the
'threshold of responsibility' (what we need to do before we put
materials in recycling containers), so that recycling does not get
However, we all need to reduce what we use initially, thereby
creating less recycling. Supermarkets could put posters up to
encourage this. Also the 'Returns' idea could be re-introduced.
AVBC are exploring other possible Waste & Recycling businesses as
their present contract ends in 2020. Emma Monkman said that
DEFRA use a lot of bureaucracy which makes improving recycling
very difficult.
Emma Monkman outlined her plan for a week called 'Belper Goes
Clean" starting on 16 September which BTC will run, highlighting
different areas of the Environment that require improvement in
Belper. Litter picks, river clean, Clean Air Day, Earth Strike.
There could be a competition run in Belper Schools alongside
working with the pupils in schools about Reducing, reusing and
recycling plastic. There could be a plastic free version of every
festive occasion with the message of being environmentally friendly,
eg Harvest Festivals in schools could be plastic free…and promoted
by BTC.
'A' level students could be asked to create a website showing where
to recycle things in and around Belper.
One of the attendees described her 30 day 'no plastic' challenge.
This made her realise how hard it is to buy food and other items
without plastic being involved. All the plastic she did acquire went
into 6 'eco bricks ' and she buried these in her garden. She hopes to
cut this to 2 bricks when she next takes on the challenge.
All groups should be contacted eg WI, U3A, Churches, Sports
Centre, Scouts, Mother and Baby groups, Federation of Small
Businesses, large companies, eg Rolls Royce, Bowmer and Kirkland,
Vaillant, DS Smith about the materials they use for packaging and
their recycling policies.
BTC could ask if those who ask for grants have considered the eco
We could twin with a Scandinavian country.
BTC could buy paper or recyclable cups, bags and supply to shops at
no profit. Some Belper shops have already joined the Refill Scheme.
There are stickers in their windows but this could be highlighted by
BTC. Glasgow has water fountains which we could consider putting in
We need recycling bins in Belper.
Katie Harris said that as Belper is a Heritage town it may be a test
case for Heritage v Environment.
Anne talked about the Blue Hearts scheme and it was suggested
that we ask Belper School if some of the students could make them
to be used on the verges in Belper which we could 'wild'.
Suggestions to do by the next meeting are:
1. Use the market square on Green Exchange Day at No.28 to
have an Environmental market working with Belper Beats
Plastic and others who are already offering plastic free
2. Work with schools on Plastic Free initiatives and making
3. BTC-set up its own instagram account

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