Proposed Diversion of Public Footpath No.162

Proposed Diversion of Public Footpath No.162

Derbyshire County Council is considering making a diversion order on behalf of the Belper Rugby Club because it wishes to secure the area in front of the Pavilion which it plans to use as a changing facility, particularly for younger members and visitors.

The proposed diversion will divert approximately 58 metres of that part of the footpath shown as a bold solid line between Points A and B on the attached plan. The proposed alternative would be approximately 73 metres long, shown as a bold broken line also between Points A,C,D and B. The alternative route will have a 2 metre rolled stone surface, except at Point D where it narrows to 1.5 metres.

Derbyshire County Council would be grateful to receive your comments by 26 November 2019 quoting reference number X4352.

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