Clean-Up Project

Derbyshire County Council are working in paternship with the Derbyshire, Lincolshire, Nottinghamshire & Rutland Community Rehabilitation Company and a graffiti removal contractor to undertake clean-up work across Derbyshire which has been done in previous years.

Large sites are ideal and outdoor sites are preferred but indoor sites can be considerd.

The project is designed for one-off clean-ups of areas to improve the environment for the benefit of the community and reduce levels of anti-social behaviour etc. Rather than ongoing maintenance, for which other arrangements should be made.

There will a time lapse between requests being made an work carried out. If a skip is required please identify a suitable site. Ordering a skip needs 10 days notice.

We request before and after photographs of proposed sites which will illustrate the level and type of work to be done and the result after work has been carried out. We work on many different kind of sites and areas. Also any feedback is welcome.


It will benefit the local community/ It will not take paid work away from others/ No one will make a profit from the work/ It will be whorthwhile and constructive/ Offenders will be seen to be positively contributing to the local community.

Please note that sites belonging to private companies or sites belonging to private individuals cannot be included in this project.

If you have any queries please contact or Telephone:01773822116

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