Coronavirus - Volunteers

Coronavirus - Volunteers

In this time of uncertainty and unease, it's very important that, as a community, we look after the wellbeing of the more vulnerable members of our town and help where we can.

Government advice is to avoid non-essential travel and contact with other people to minimise the spread of the virus - we can do this and still help.

If you are aware of people on your street or neighbourhood who may be isolated and may not be able to get essential supplies, and you would like to help them, you can print a copy of the Viral Kindness form, provide your contact details and post it though their door - this gives them an opportunity to ask for help without coming into direct contact with anyone. The form is available to download here Viral Kindess

Other groups are organising around the COVID 19 situation and some of them can be found on Facebook - they may be able to offer additional advice.

If you would like to contact the Council with any concerns, details are available on our website, however, please note that St. John's chapel is now closed to the public until further notice.

Posted: Tue, 17 Mar 2020 11:36 by Admin

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