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Recent comments on Belper Neighbourhood Plan

Recent comments on Belper Neighbourhood Plan

The Belper Neighbourhood Plan (NP) has been approved and supported by Belper Town Council (BTC) and Amber Valley Borough Council (AVBC) after five years of consultation with Belper residents, and AVBC officers. It includes a number of independent assessments giving evidence to support the policies.

No objection to the aspect of the plan relating to the Ada Belfield/Field Lane area was raised by AVBC planning officers . The site is in general conformity with the strategic development plan of AVBC emphasising the development of brownfield land . Planning permission for 7 homes has already been sought by Derbyshire County Council in planning application AVA/2020/0089 for the old care home site.

As required by regulation all named landowners were consulted and their replies can be found on the BTC website under

"Summary of representations submitted to the Independent Examiner " and

"Appendix E Public Consultations ".

.An independent government appointed examiner found no fault in the process, the consultations with developers and statutory stakeholders , or the relevance to local planning decisions.

For the first two years of the NP group, the finances were fully audited by the government agency which gave the grants. In the last three years the NP working group finances have been regularly reported to BTC in minutes and committee reports . The BTC auditor has agreed the accounts and the government agency managing the neighbourhood plan process expressed no concerns about the returns. There are no issues for the credibility or probity of the plan arising from any aspect of the NP group finances.

The current AVBC Local Plan was made in 2006. A new Local Plan is anticipated in 2023. If Belper residents approve it, the Neighbourhood Plan will be the most up to date planning document available until the Local plan is agreed. It will therefore have considerable weight in planning decisions. After the new Local Plan is agreed the Neighbourhood Plan will continue to be relevant for the Town as it gives an additional level of detail and a distinct local approach to planning decisions.

Please make up your own mind by reading the details on

Katie Harris , Chair of Neighbourhood Plan Working Group .

John Porter Vice Chair

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