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Coppice Car Park

Belper Town Council is committed to providing excellent value to the town of Belper and to improving the environment through green initiatives.

Due to National Non-Domestic Rate (NNDR) charges recently being levied on the Coppice Car Park, it now costs the town £22,500 per year in business rates and there is currently no direct charge to the users of the car park. This cost is collected through your council tax and as such, the car park is not actually free, it is simply a case of who in the end pays for it - everyone in the town through their council tax or just those using it via parking charges, including visitors to the town, who currently don't pay for it. We are seeking to introduce some form of parking charge on the Coppice Car Park to offset this cost.

As a council, we believe it is fairer that users of the car park pay for their usage rather than this cost being supported by everyone in the town regardless of car ownership. If parking charges are introduced, it will also be possible to improve this space through better lighting and other safety measures without introducing further costs to those residents in the town that don't use the car park. Additionally, management of the spaces in the car park is challenging at present as there are no specific parking orders in place – with the introduction of parking orders and charging, we will be in a much better place to be able to protect the EVCP points, discourage abandoned cars, protect the disabled spaces, and enable proper use – at present, this is not possible or is at best difficult.

We also believe that discouraging car use for some journeys is a positive step towards a better environment and bringing charging to the car park will encourage some users to think about using their car and opting instead for walking, cycling (with additional bike racks now in the town) or using public transport.

This matter has been considered by Full Council, most recently at its meeting on 14th March 2023 and a town council working group is currently in discussion with Amber Valley Borough Council to ask them to consider an agreement whereby they will manage the car park as our agents but where the town council will retain control and ownership. Working proposals for charges are currently 80p for up to 2 hours, £1 for up to 3 hours, £2.50 for over 3 hours. The Amber Valley Borough Council parking permit could also be accepted from 4PM to 8AM as part of this agreement. The working group will report back to Belper Town Council once costings, etc. are known and there will be further public consultation before any charges are introduced.

For further information please contact the town clerk at

Posted: Thu, 23 Mar 2023 09:27 by Dave McAra

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