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Free Parking - 22 June 2020 until 30 June

Free Parking  - 22 June 2020 until 30 June

To help with the re-opening of the local shops car parking will be free in all Amber Valley Borough Council car parks from Monday 22 June 2020 until Tuesday 30 June 2020

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Amber Valley Impact Report

Please see attached Amber Valley Borough Councils Impact Report 2019-20.

The Report will be full of information on the impact and social value in Amber Valley! It also outlines the great work taking place locally, and the service contributes in helping and supporting the residents of Amber Valley.

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Advice Letter

Please see attached advice Letter from Amber Valley Borough Council regarding business owners preparing to re-open after closure due to COVID-19

If you are preparing to reopen your business – as may be permitted by the relaxation of business closures either in June or July– you need to be working in line with the guidelines on social distancing, to protect yourself, workers and your customers!... Read More »

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Belper Bounces Back

Belper's Bouncing Back

We live in a great community with chain and independent shops, fun events and great leisure facilities. There are many organisations and businesses who make living here so fulfilling. Spending the last few weeks under lockdown has touched all our lives and left many of those organisations and businesses struggling to flourish or even survive. Many working families have faced financial... Read More »

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COVID-19 and the Voluntary Sector

COVID-19 and the Voluntary Sector

Developing a safe and evidence-based wellbeing support offer for staff and volunteers

The document attached is intended to support voluntary agencies through the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been written by psychologists working across the Joined Up Care Derbyshire network at this time, based on available evidence and best practice guidance issued by relevant national... Read More »

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Talking About Mental Health and Wellbeing

Talking About Mental Health and Wellbeing

A support pack for volunteers during the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19)

Some of you may be used to talking about mental health and wellbeing and may not feel concerned by this aspect of the conversations. Some of you may feel a bit more anxious about it. That's ok too. This quick guide has been put together to provide you some support as you have conversations... Read More »

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Parish Councillor Vacancy


Parish of Belper

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a vacancy has occurred in the office of Councillor for the Parish of Belper, as a result of the resignation of Councillor Richard Cannon

The vacancy will be filled by election if, within 14 days after the date of this notice,10 electors for the Parish of Belper South give notice in writing to the Electoral... Read More »

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Pride in Belper


The Month of June sees the beginning of LGBT+ Pride events taking place across the world.

Pride is the annual celebration of the hard won rights and freedoms of LGBT+ communities. Events around the world seek to raise the visibility of people from LGBT+ communities and offer an opportunity for Allies to openly show their support and solidarity.

Last year Pride in Belper, encouraged... Read More »

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Policing The Pandemic

Please see the link below regarding Policing the pandemic: The Health Protection.

This note sets out the most significant changes in the law, and what has not changed. These amendments allow for greater movement in public spaces


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Help our Key Workers

Help our Key Workers

Please help our Key Workers, if the public bins are full then could you please bag your dog waste/litter and take it home with you

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