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Where to Recycle?

Everything you wanted to know about recycling in the Belper and DE56 area. By consulting this list you can discover where and how to recycle a huge range of waste items. The list is extensive but may not be comprehensive so we'll keep adding to it as we discover more ways to eliminate waste.

Please get in touch if you know of any recycling points or information to add to this list. We will try and update this list on a monthly basis. Similarly, please advise if any information is found to be incorrect, out of date - please relay any feedback via private message or email to anyone at the bottom of this list.
It should be noted that you do not need to pay anything to recycle items that are included on this list.

Please check web sites or contacts for current operational restrictions during the pandemic

Local DE56 Area

Batteries - household
Tesco, Gregory's Way, Belper - Co-op Whitemoor Lane, Belper - Midland Co-op, Strutt Street, Belper - Telegraph News, 31a King Street, Belper - Superdrug, 26-28 King Street, Belper - Morrisons, Belper - Aldi, Belper - Midland - No Match E-Cigs. 65 King Street, Belper - Babington, Hospital Belper - Co-op Duffield - Spa Store Ambergate.

Crisp packets need to be as clean as possible but not wet, they also must be flat, no peanuts, popcorn, pretzels, just crisps. Terracycle will be ended this scheme in April 2022
Biscuit and cake wrappers but no sweets or chocolate.
Baby food pouches any brand and Ella's Kitchen snack wrappers. Terracycle will be ended this scheme in April 2022
Oral care includes toothpaste tubes, plastic tooth brushes, electric toothbrush heads, packaging from these items and dental floss containers and outer packaging.
St Peter's Church in Belper.
Opening times are Monday-Saturday 10am-12 noon, Sunday 10am-4pm

Clothes hangers

Ironing Lady, Belper
28 - 30 New Road, Belper DE56 1US

Clean old shoes/trainers – to be weighed in for rags – donate separately to other items
Red Cross charity shop, Air Ambulance charity shop and possibly other charity shops
Wards shoe shop, 36 King Street, Belper DE56 1PL

Contact Lenses
Belper Opticians 72 King St, Belper

Old glasses/spectacles and frames

Specsavers, 41 King Street, Belper. DE56 1PX

Egg Boxes
Glen Hens,16 Belper Road, Kilburn, Belper DE56 0LP

Dev's Chucks, Ashbourne Road, Belper. (only boxes for 6 eggs)

Bubble Wrap
Oxfam 74 King St, Belper DE56 1PXAir Ambulance Charity 35 King St, Belper DE56 1PX

Old Clothes not suitable for wear
Most charity shops take clean old clothes for rags. They appreciate them being donated clean and separately to goods for sale

Ink and toner cartridges
No-Match E-Cigs. 65 King Street, Belper DE56 1QA (Box is out the back but you can leave on counter and they will recycle)
7, Northfield Terrace, Chesterfield Road, Belper. DE56 1FG
Please place in a bag and post through letter box. If you post in a jiffy bag, that jiffy bag will be reused by the business.

Inhalers (used asthma)
Manor Pharmacy Whitemoor Lane Medical Centre, Whitemoor Lane, Belper. DE56 0JB

Morrisons pharmacy

Boots pharmacy

Cheese wrappers, Carex, L.O.L. Surprise, The Air, Home and Laundry Recycling programme
37 Hunter Road, Belper. DE56 0HF (Private Residence)
Place in TerraCycle box

Chesterfield Road, Belper.
Please email to arrange drop off
All laptops will have hard drives securely wiped, any salvageable parts will be reused.
If the laptop can be made to work again it will be refurbished and either sold or donated.

Marigold® durable and disposable household gloves and the plastic packaging
66 Long Row, Belper. DE56 1DR. (Private Residence)
Place in old recycling box by front door

Plant Pots – Plant Pot Exchange
Belper Community Hall near the old library. Go in the gate and there are 2 crates on the left. Please leave clean pots and when taking pots/ modules or trays, wear gloves and sanitise the pots when you get them home. Please only leave un broken pots to be re used.
NB you can put grey plant pots in your recycling bin if broken.

Medicine blister packets

St John's Chapel, The Butts, Belper - Please check BTC website for opening hours.

Superdrug Pharmacy Derby-Eagle Centre, 21 Albion Street, Derby. DE1 2PR

St Peters Church, Belper

Pen Recycling

St John's Chapel, The Butts, Belper - Please check BTC website for opening hours.

Ryman - 40 St John St, Market Place, Ashbourne DE6 1GH and

Ryman - Lawn Primary, Norbury Close. Derby DE22 2QR also in Ilkeston and Nottingham

Ryman - South Mall, INTU Derby, Derby, DE1 2PG

Soft Plastics (with the Co-Op Supermarket)

The Co-Op 17 Whitemoor Lane, Belper, Derbyshire, DE56 0HB; The Co-Op, 47 Strutt Street, Derbyshire, Belper, DE56 1UN; The Co-op, Town St, Derbyshire, Duffield, DE56 4GD; The Co-Op, 1, Sandbed Lane, Openwoodgate. DE56 0SF

Soft plastics recycling is easy. Just follow these three steps:

  • Clean it – First, rinse your packaging out.
  • Scrunch it – Now, scrunch it up tight – if it pings back, it's a useful indicator it's soft plastic.
  • Co-op it – Pop it into our soft plastics recycling unit at a Co-op near you.

For a full list of what is considered to be a soft plastic by the Co-Op please consult their website here:

Soft plastic packaging - Co-op (

Or it can be found on the TB Website: Where to Recycle - Transition Belper

Hasbro toys and games
Belper Community Hall, Bridge Street, Belper DE56 1AB
Place in a storage trunk

Old or New Bras
Gymophobics, 54 Bridge Street Belper DE56 1AZ Due to current Covid restrictions they ask that bras are put in bags with as much air squeezed out of them as possible. They don't need to be in new condition as any that aren't "serviceable" will be stripped down and the materials reused. It is done for the Charity Against Breast Cancer.

Please ensure items donated for rags are cleaned and put in a bag clearly labelled 'RAGS'. Do not include duvets, cushions or pillows.
The following charity shops on King Street Belper are accepting donations for rags: Air Ambulance, British Red Cross, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, Headway, Mind, Oxfam, Lighthouse and the RSPCA.

You can drop off old shoes at Wards Shoe shop, 36 King Street. Belper. The collection box is located at the back of the store: Any shows that can be made good and reused will be. Otherwise, they are used to make houses in developing countries.

Scrap Metal

If you are a registered scrap metal merchant operating in the DE56 area and would like to be included here please contact admin
Phil - 07854 603714
B and P - 07933 545303
Terry Sisson - 07873 777796

Tetrapaks can be recycled at No. 28 on the Market Place on the second and fourth Saturday of each month between 10AM and 12:15PM. Please wash and flatten them before depositing as they are taken to Loscoe by volunteers and unwashed Tetrapaks can get a bit smelly.

Clothing and Shoe bank
End of Car park at Tescos, Gregorys Way, Belper

Clothing, Footwear, Bags, Belts,Towels, Bed linen.
The Salvation Army's, WM Morrison Plc, Chapel Street, Belper
Miners Welfare Car Park, Derby Road, Ripley

For those who can't recycle plastic film at home, some types of plastic films can be recycled at carrier bag collection points at the larger stores of most major supermarkets including Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's, the Co-op and Waitrose. See below for a list of recyclable plastic packaging. For online shopping deliveries, many supermarkets also allow you to hand your unwanted bags back to the driver for recycling.

Morrison's accepts-
Single use Face Masks (in The Sun box), Plastic Carrier Bags, Plastic bread bags, Plastic cereal bags i.e. Porridge Oats (not inners from boxed cereals), Plastic wrappers and ring joiners from multipacks of can and rolls and kitchen towel packs, Plastic freezer bags, Plastic magazine and newspaper wrap (type used for home delivery only), Thin bags used for fruit and veg at supermarkets, Bubble wrap, low-densitry polyethylene (LDPE) - resin ID code 4, Flexible plastic multi-pack can holder/rings.

*You could also use Hidden Potential Recycling CIC - (for a fee).
A Belper-based Waste Management Company that will collect a number of these items directly from your door and sort them to be recycled You can find them on Facebook or learn more at Eartharmony.

Surrounding areas

Cans Recycling, Clothes Recycling, Glass Recycling, Paper and Card Recycling, Plastic, Recycling Water Filter
Sainsbury's, Ripley

Carpets - Soil - Building rubble - Paint pots - Fluorescent light tubes - car batteries - old oil - old paint - wood - electrical items - drinks cartons - Tetrapaks - Bulbs - small electrical items that can fit in the bag
LoscoeTip, Taylor Lane, Loscoe, Heanor. DE75 7TA

Baby food pouches, kids yogurt pouches, caps and Ella's Kitchen snack packets

Derby QUAD, Market Place, Cathedral Quarter, Derby, Derbyshire DE1 3AS

Lego bricks
Autism Bricks UK
Preloved LEGO® that they will restore and use in their products and services. If you have some LEGO® that you would like to donate, there are two ways you can do this:

LEGO® Drop off
Our head office is located in Bradford City centre. You can drop off your donated Lego® to us between 09:30 – 17:00 Monday to Friday.
Please get in touch below to organise this.
Post Your LEGO®

If you have a small or large amount of LEGO® that you would like to donate, the most convenient way of doing this is to post it. The address is:

Onward House, 2 Baptist Place, Bradford, BD1 2PS.

Please include your details in the package so that they can say thank you!

Mascara Wands
Please clean the wands with warm soapy water, place them in a ziploc bag and post them to:
Linjoy Wildlife Sanctuary and Rescue (Midlands), 15 Lincoln Road, Stapenhill, Burton on Trent, STAFFS. DE15 9HP

Medicine blister packets
Superdrug Pharmacy Derby-Eagle Centre, 21 Albion Street, Derby. DE1 2PR

KP Snacks Nuts, Popcorn, Crisps and Pretzels Packet
38 Turned Avenue, Langley Mill, Notts NG16 4GE (Private Residence)

Pen recycling, Ink and toner cartridges
Ryman - 40 St John St, Market Place, Ashbourne DE6 1GH and
Ryman - Lawn Primary, Norbury Close. Derby DE22 2QR
also in Ilkeston and Nottingham

Pet food plastic pouches All brands of plastic confectionery packaging

All Co-Op Locations where soft plastics are accepted (see soft plastics header)
27 Wyndale drive, Ilkeston DE74JH (Private Residence)
Place in TerraCycle box
73 Chesterfield Road, Matlock, DE4 3FS (Private Residence)
Place in TerraCycle box

KP Snacks Nuts, Popcorn, Crisps and Pretzels Packet
38 Turned Avenue, Langley Mill, Notts NG16 4GE (Private Residence)

Pet food pouches only

Lakeside Primary School, London Road, Alvaston, Derby. DE24 8UY
and6 Cultivation Road, Eastwood. NG 16 3HQ (Private Residence)
Place in TerraCycle box

Bottle tops
can be taken to
Lush, Intu Derby, London Road. Derby.

Burt's Bees Personal Care
87 Deerlands Rd, Chesterfield. S42 6UZ (Private Residence)
Place in TerraCycle box


Life Cycle UK, Unit 3, 1 Canal St, Siddals Road, Derby DE12RJ

Baylis & Harding pumps, caps and flexible tubes
Baylis and Harding, 61 Wild Street Derby DE1 1GP

Soft contact lenses and blister packs.
Boot Opticians - Intu Centre Derby

Craft, paint and scraps
Play and Recycling Centre 6 -10 Werbugh Street Derby, DE22 3QG

Soft contact lenses and blister packs.
Boot Opticians - Intu Centre Derby


Bra Recycling
Charity - Against Breast Cancer, Leathem House, 13 Napier Court, Barton Lane, Abingdon,
Oxon, OX14 3YT
Smalls for All® is a Scottish charity which collects underwear to give to adults and children in need in Africa and the UK

A free and efficient clothing donation collection service to support your chosen charity is available to book to any working day of the week.

Gillette Razors
All blades, razors and disposables products received in the official Freepost Gillette envelope will be accepted.

Give Back Box
A number of companies operating online are working in partnership with Give Back Box. Under the Give Back Box scheme you'll be able to recycle the cardboard boxes these companies use to deliver to you, while also donating to those in need. It helps that the process is so simple. All you need to do is fill your delivery box with unwanted clothing, shoes, accessories, toys, books – anything that you think will bring joy to someone's life! Simply print off a label using the link below, drop the box at your nearest CollectPlus point and send it (free of charge) to your charity of choice.
Stores near your location

Recycling Symbols Explained

What do TerraCycle do?
TerraCycle offers free recycling programmes funded by brands, manufacturers, and retailers around the world to help you collect and recycle your hard-to-recycle waste. Anyone can choose a programme to join; start collecting in your home, school, or office; download free shipping labels; and send them the waste to be recycled. You can even earn rewards for your school or not for profit organisation.
Are you interested in becoming an agent for TerraCycle?

Waste and Resources Action Programme


This list has been compiled to assist members of HelpreupcycleDE56 to recycle and re-use as many items as possible. The list was up-to-date at the time of publication to the best of our knowledge. Versions of this list available on the HelpreupcycleDE56 and Transition Belper Facebook pages are updated regularly and a date and version number are included at the beginning of the document. The compilers of this list are not responsible for updating copies that may have been shared elsewhere.

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